“Thoughtful and insightful discussions.”

“Ryan Shrout was invited into AMD’s Software Leadership strategy meetings as an external advisor. He led the senior level managers into thoughtful and insightful discussions on the state of PC gaming and the overall tech industry. He had an excellent presentation ready for us, but more importantly shared his vision of industry trends. This led to a very productive session for AMD and several strategic initiatives will be kicked off based on his recommendations."

— Andrej Zdravkovic, Vice President, Software, AMD Technologies

“Helped us make our products better.”

I’ve been working with Ryan for many years and his insight as a technical reviewer has helped us make our products better.   His experience, focused on delivered user experiences, helps identify areas that can be improved in any product.  Also, his broad range of contacts within the industry also allows him to independently cross-check his results - which increases further the quality of his council.

— Tom Petersen, Distinguished Engineer, NVIDIA

“Disciplined approach.”

Ryan has an intuitive sense of what’s right and wrong with a product, but also has the right disciplined approach with objective testing and research to back up his insights.

— Jeff Witt, Director, Lenovo

"Helped us better understand and develop our brand".

"Ryan and his team are a pleasure to work with and has helped us to better understand, monitor and further develop our brand and product portfolio in the US market. His knowledge about our market and analysis has also assisted us in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of our main competitors' brands as well. Ryan’s approach to working with his clients is very collaborative that includes a personal hands-on approach based upon your needs."

— Gary Key, Director, ASUS Computer International