Telling the right story.

Communicating a message or story about a product or technology is an important part of a launch or continuation plans for any company. Shrout Research has decades of experience in writing and speaking to reach specific audiences from consumers to enthusiasts to executive decision makers.



Blogs and social media increase awareness of products and technologies while being easily accessible to the widest range of readers.

Spreading the word.

White Paper

White papers and technical reports from a reliable and respected third party educate and inform the knowledgeable user base with critical information to make design and purchase decisions. Shrout Research’s authors come from technical writing backgrounds and properly present our opinions for maximum impact.

Published Messaging

Written messaging in professional outlets allows customers to present data and information in an efficient manner. With verification and validation from a trusted industry source, blog posts, articles and videos can tell the story for you.

Event Hosting

Events and meetings often need an authoritative external source for hosting or to drive discussions about the state of technologies and markets. Shrout Research can provide an open and honest view of a company, product or direction.