An oasis of experience. 

Shrout Research has decades of combined experience in technology fields ranging from consumer computing (PCs, notebooks, tablets, VR) to mobile (smartphones, wearables) to consumer electronics (smart TVs, gaming consoles) to IoT. Deep technical insights on process technology, CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, wireless and audio give us invaluable insight on the future direction of these markets.



Our ability to analyze and advise on product strategy, marketing and interactions with consumers and media offers a breadth of options. 

Shrout Research is available for individual projects or through retainer basis.

Getting it done

Product Direction

Through many years of product evaluation and market analysis, Shrout Research can help you form and direct your product development to best fit users needs and to address the widest market.

Marketing Direction

Proper and effective marketing is as important to a successful product launch as the design itself and Shrout Research can help you target the correct audience in the most effective manner.

PR Direction

Creating a proper strategy to contact and communicate with the media is critical to a new product launch or to maintain momentum on an existing line. With experience on both sides, Shrout Research can help setup the right solutions.