True and honest feedback.

Receiving product evaluation opinions and data during product development and before public or media release will improve the quality of those products and often discover issues, flaws or critical problems before they become widespread. With a team exceeding 30 years of product reviews experience, and with the most in-depth in-house analysis tools for graphics, VR, storage, mobile and more, Shrout Research can ensure your launch goes smoothly. 


Our strength

  • Concrete product research, not theoretical forecasts from people that don’t get hands-on
  • Validation and verification of certification and performance metrics
  • Analyze market-readiness of in-development products





For consumer and enterprise markets that require specification compliance, Shrout Research facilitates and validates rated specifications, user experiences and expected behaviors, tapping into years of product reviews experience.


Shrout Research offers logo-based certification of claims for graphics, systems, storage, mobile, and other segments. If your new product claims to be the best in any area, we can validate such statements and provides public verification reports to prove it.

Virtual Review

Virtual reviews allow you to measure expected media and consumer experiences before launch giving your PR and marketing teams time to plan and coordinate strategies. Having these virtual reviews generated externally guarantees impartial feedback.